Are You Prepared for Easter?

Posted on March 07, 2018

wholesale easter supplies


Easter. From pagan celebrations of the spring equinox to Christian beliefs surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ – this once holy holiday isn’t what it used to be.


The rise of commercialisation in the 19th century sparked a new form of worship that has transcended generations, and will continue to take control of people’s purse strings across the world for generations to come – shopping!


Love it or hate it, Australians are forecast to spend big over the Easter long weekend, with the average Aussie splashing more cash on Easter goods, food, holidays and general shopping than they ordinarily do – up to $3 billion to be more specific.


In fact, Easter spending rises by an average of four per cent each year, with two in five Australians (40 per cent) spending more than they earn over the four-day break. Interestingly enough, chocolate only accounts for around $200 million of the multi-billion dollar spending spree, with gifts, weekend getaways, food, music streaming, and general shopping snatching up the remaining revenue.


What does this mean for you? It’s time to stock up!


Whether you’re running a brick and mortar store or an eCommerce store, having plenty of stock ready for the Easter rush is a must! In fact, research by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has actually indicated that shoppers spend a significantly larger portion of their income on online shopping over the Easter break, to compensate for the shops not being open on Good Friday.


To help you prepare for the influx of Easter shoppers, we’ve got a range of wholesale Easter gifts available directly from our online store. From dress-ups to sidewalk chalk and metal Easter egg hunt buckets, we’ve got a broad selection of gifts that will meet your shoppers’ needs.


Find our Easter gifts and more from our online wholesale store, today! For any questions surrounding your account, or how to get started, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you make your purchasing journey as hassle-free as possible.

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