Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

Posted on October 12, 2018

Halloween is right around the corner! Whether you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating or attending a party, a costume is a must. Lucky for you we have created the ultimate guide of the costume trends for 2018.


For You


Black Panther

The box office hit of the year makes for some great costume ideas. The film is scattered with crazy fashion, so there is plenty of costume inspiration. Perfect for you or a group of friends!


Avocado Toast DIY

At the start of the year, a DIY Avocado Toast costume went viral. So get out of your craft skills and get your avocado puns ready. You’re sure to stand out at any party in this costume. Perfect for a millennial!



The release of the ‘Greatest Showman’ was an unexpected box hit. Pinterest has reported a ton of searches for carnival inspired costumes. From trapeze costumes to the bearded lady attire, there is a wide range of costume ideas. Perfect for you or a group of friends!


For the Couples


Rick & Morty

Go on an adventure this Halloween dressed as Rick & Morty. The first step is to find your Morty. The best thing about this couple costume is that it doesn’t have to be with your partner; you can pair up with your best friend. You’re sure to get an array of compliments dressed as this dynamic duo. Perfect for best friends!


Meghan & Harry

Want to experience what it’s like being royal for one night? Well, you better start digging through your cupboard for your best attire. Following the royal wedding this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to be a very popular costume for loved-up couples this year. Whether you are recreating their wedding attire or one of their more notable outfits be prepared to wave adoringly at your people. Perfect for a power couple!


Jug & Betty from Riverdale

The Netflix popular high school drama, ‘Riverdale’ is sure to be a crowd pleaser this Halloween. Already Pinterest has seen a spike in the amount of ‘Riverdale’ costumes being pinned. Bughead (Betty & Jughead) is by far the most popular costume of 2018. All you need for Jughead is a beanie and a flannel. For Betty throw on a sweater and put your hair in her signature ponytail. Perfect for high school sweethearts!


For the Kids



The highly anticipated sequel to Pixar’s ‘The Incredibles’ was by far one of the most popular kids movies this year. The kids can dress up as Dash or Violet or even better it can become a family costume. You will need a red bodysuit and to practice your best superhero pose. Perfect for a family!


Stranger Things

The TV show is is full of great costume ideas for this season. The ‘Stranger Things’ characters make for a recognizable and easy costume for kids. With the right pink dress and blue jacket, you can turn into Eleven or with the iconic white red and blue hat you can transform into Dustin. Perfect for a group of kids



Fortnite costumes are among one of the most popular costumes this season. The video game that captivated players and took the world by storm this year is set to be a very popular costume choice. Already on eBay, Fortnite costumers are trending and one of the most popular searches at the moment. Perfect solo kid costume!



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